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Criteria and conditions for foreign nationals’ residential permit consideration
Notification of residence for foreigners
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:: Fee :: Immigration Division 1 would like to announce the Queue Cards’ timing at Government Complex branch from 08.30–15.30 hrs (starting 1st September 2015). Our service will be provided during office hours from 08.30–16.30 hrs or until the last queue. (For more information, please call 0-2141-9889)
Fees (adjusted):
Residence certificate (TM. 15)
Arrival prior to immigration act: 19,000.- Baht per piece
Residence certificate (TM. 16)
  • For shared investment or special investment: 191,400.- Baht
  • For employment or expert: 191,400.- Baht
  • For foreigner married to Thai national: 95,700.- Baht
  • For foreign head of family taking care of children of Thai nationality: 191,400.- Baht
  • For spouse of foreign resident in the Kingdom: 95,700.- Baht
  • For children of foreign resident in the Kingdom or of Thai nationals:
    • Underage: 95,700.- Baht
    • Adult: 191,400.- Baht
  • For non-quota immigrants (original resident): 95,700.- Baht
Residence certificate (TM. 17)

In case of damage or loss or insufficient space in passport: 1,900.- Baht per piece

Re-entry permit endorsement

1,900.- Baht per piece

Non-quota immigrant visa outside the annual quota for immigrants admitted to the Kingdom:
    • Single entry: 1,900.- Baht
    • Multiple entries within 1 year: 3,800.- Baht
  • Transit visa: 800.- Baht
  • Tourist visa: 1,000.- Baht
  • Non-immigrant visa:
    • single entry: 2,000.- Baht
    • multiple entries within 1 year: 5,000.- Baht
    • multiple entries within 3 years for holders of passports or other travel documents from the Asia-Pacific cooperation group who travel in and out of the Kingdom for business:
  • Immigrant visa: 1,900.- Baht
  • Non-quota immigrant visa:
    • single entry: 1,900.- Baht
    • multiple entries within 1 year: 3,800.- Baht
Appeal in Reference to Section 22

(persona non grata) each person 1,900 baht

Application for extension of temporary stay

1,900 baht per time

Appeal in Reference to Section 36

(revoked visa) 1,900.- Baht per person

Application for re-entry permit
  • Single entry: 1,000.- Baht
  • Multiple entries within remaining period of admission: 3,800.- Baht
Application for permanent residence in the Kingdom

7,600.- Baht per person

Request for verification of nationality

800 baht per person


The ministerial order 27 (2003) was issued according to the 1979 immigration act and announced in the Royal Gazette, Decrees vol. 120, part 59a, on June 27, 2003 and has been enforced since August 26, 2003.

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