Change the new certificate of residence
The alien, who is holding the certificate of residence, wants to change the new certificate of residence due to the old one has no space for endorsement or damages. And the certificate of residence is issued at Bangkok, then the alien can be submitted the application form through the internet as following.
    A. Procedure
  • First Step Fill up the application form and attach with required documents (as per clause B.)
    then e-mail to:
  • Second Step The officer shall notify the result of the request within 3 days by e-mail or telephone
  • Third Step The alien has to bring the evidence of receiving the answer as per clause no. 2 and the original document to show up as following.
    • 1. Certificate of residence.
      2. Certificate of alien registration.
      3. Passport or traveling document of the alien.
      4. House registration.
      5. Four 2x2.5 Photographs.
    Then pay the fee in the amount of Baht 1,900.- for receiving the certificate of TM 17 at Sub-Division 1, Bangkok immigration Division (Room no. 202 Section : Certificate of residence) address no. 507 Soi Suanplu South Sathorn Road, Khet Sathorn Bangkok. Tel 0-2287-3118 0-2287-3101-10 ext 2250, 2251

    B. Required documents.
      1. Fill up and affix the photograph on the application for substitute of the certificate of residence (TM.20)
      2. Certificate of residence page 1-5, marked of last endorsement seal and marked of last traveling in-out seal.
      3. Passport or traveling document of the alien on the page which is showing the name, Surname, detail of extension, marked of last non-quota immigrant visa seal and marked of last traveling in-out seal.
      4. Certificate of alien registration page 1-5 detail of present address and last extension.
      5. Copy of house registration on the page of address no. and name of the alien.