Application for Residence Certificate (TM. 16)

The foreign national who is allowed to take up residence in the Kingdom from the Immigration Commission and by the approval of the Minister Required Documents

  1. Application form ( TM. 18)
  2. Passport or valid subsitute documents with copy 0f 1st page , visa page , last entry stamp page
  3. Original copy of the house registration document including 2 copy house number page
  4. Work permit withcopy of 1st page and the extension of validity (if any)
  5. Marriage certificate with copy (if any)
  6. Birth certificate or any related document with copy (if any)
  7. Three 4×6 cm photos, facing straight with no hat (must not be more than 6 months old and not polaroid shots)
  8. Fee 191,400 Baht or 95,7000 Baht depending on a case

Estimated procedure time Could be completely processed in the same day

Contacting Place

Sub Division1 , Immigration Division 1
Chalermprakiat Government Complex , B Building, Floor 2 120 Moo 3, Chaengwattana Rd., Soi 7
Tungsonghong, Laksi, Bangkok 10210
Tel 0-2141-7869
Fax 0-2143-8226